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went away for 10 days.
feels like at least 11.

how are you? i'm swell.
my son put up some of his recent art yesterday.
stop by if you get a chance. it's good stuff.
[not that i'm biased or anything.]

i wrote an article on guerrilla art for the july issue of cloth, paper, scissors. it was a first for me. it was also a blast for me. and partly because random-cowboy thought i was writing it on "gorilla art" - his wondering what it all meant ended up being the basis for the whole structure of the article. i also got to show a lot of my more guerrilla-ish work including "collaborations" with szysz-szysz and patternsinthestatic. that ain't bad either. thanks for looking. /Ff/

guerrilla art is

guerrilla art is

guerrilla art is

CPS mag @ facebook >…
hey there swell people of dA-land.
i've been busy making stuff for open studios weekend.
which is today and tomorrow.
[please drop by if you're in the neighborhood.]
hope to get back to this place come monday.
i have piles and piles of work to look at!
and people i've been missing.
thanks for reading.
apparently i've gone over 100,000 pageviews here so i will be showing up at all of your houses to thank you in person for your generous support over the years. could be anytime. the middle of the night or the middle of lunch. just be ready. ready with food in particular. see you then.

(not sure what to do with the llamas, but thanks for those too.)
it's been 20 years since i quit my full time tedious and taxing architect job to go figure things out while wandering around europe for what seemed like forever at the time. it was about 7 weeks.… i'm bringing it up (again) because the choice i made back then turned out to be a huge life-turning around move that affects everything about my world to this day. and all in a good way. so if you ever find yourself in a rut you think you're stuck in for the rest of time - a few years out of college like i was - or whenever - just do what you have to do and make your own life again. it'll most likely be worth it. [end of sermon]
the 2010 Paste-Up Exhibit
June 26, 2010 through July 18, 2010

a juried exhibition of small format collage to be presented at the ALL arts gallery in lowell, massachusetts.
the gallery can accept work up to 20" on the longest side and there is no limit to the depth of a piece.
there will be an entry fee of $25 for up to four entries.
deadline for submission: 04/2/2010


i exhibited "do say"… at the 2008 version of the show.
i'm not sure how well attended it was, but it's a funky little ex-mill city north of here, so it was cool.

my brother died yesterday. he was 55. after not seeing him for 18 years we found him in august of 2008, homeless in dallas, and got him up to southern vermont for my father's funeral. he had a load of problems his whole life, but my mother wanted him to stay with her. and he did okay trying to take care of her considering he probably needed taking care of just as much. unfortunately, her mental health worsened and we had to move her into a nursing home a few months later and eventually sell her house to pay for her care - which left him homeless again. he did stay with us for over a month, but there were reasons he had been homeless most of his life and they hadn't totally disappeared, making a longer stay with us an impossibility. he wound up in a shelter in new hampshire just south of canada where i was told this morning that things had been looking good for him gettng permanent housing in the spring and that he had been generally looking forward and not back. doesn't really surprise me i guess. from the stories he told me over the years, he always managed to find some food and a place to stay. basically he had the mentality of a sneaky 10 year old - which drove us nuts, but endeared him to our own 10 year old. to him he was just this mysterious long lost uncle he never met who arrived in the early morning hours after a 3 day train trip who immediately did all kinds of stuff adults don't usually do. including teaching him how to play texas hold 'em and every other card game in the book. not surprisingly, random-cowboy had a lot of fun with him and was able to see good things in him we had stopped seeing years ago. so i thank him for that. and for keeping my mom company in her darkest days too - that was a real redeeming time for both of them. i also thank him for just being the pain in the ass that he was. never thought i'd miss such things, but the world without his outrageous statements and knucklehead actions just isn't as interesting. damn.

{thanks for reading}

i did this for him in '05

never strangle your christmas gifts. really bad karma. have a good one people. {f}
genuine gorilla

found this last night in a recycling bin at the local high school. life is good.
3 cups sunshine in a bank hallway

for 2 hours on thursday night i got to exhibit my latest work, "3 cups sunshine", in a bank hallway across from a drinking fountain and the doors to the restrooms. i thought the fire extinguisher, emergency lights and beige/tan walls added something extra special to the overall mood of the piece as well. who could ask for anything more? really!
current collage show

it's super cool to be showing work in stockholm right now… but i'm psyched to post that i also have 10 small works showing in the "current collage" group exhibition at the two dots gallery in togliatti, russia. if you're in the neighborhood, the show opened on september 18th and runs through october 15th. it is curated by alexander verevkin (verevkin) and has a couple of other participants you may know:

Oleg Elagin (rus,video collage)
Fred Free (usa)
Oscar Gaynor (uk) (Pierrots-Frown)
Eva Han (belgium) (evahan)
Grigory Katsnelson (rus)
Anastasiya Kolodochko (rus, photocollage)
Vladimir Logutov (rus, video collage)
Vitaly Macklakov (rus, audio collage)
Sveta Shuvaeva (rus)
Alexander Verevkin (rus) (verevkin)

thanks for stopping by. [and thanks alexander!]
cut & paste show

memory itself by derkert Head in the Clouds by LizCohn :thumb125077862: Merz02 by woefoep
:thumb84846694: ballade by the-Px-corporation :thumb63645352:

artists in the show:
Sophie McInerney, Australia
Jan Stenmark, Sweden
Px(c), Canada
Sandra Mueller, Germany
Eva von Platen, Germany
Eva Eun-Sil Han, Belgium
Christer Themptander, Sweden
Piotr Golonka, Poland
Richard Russell, USA
Igor Skaletsky, Russia
Mia Mäkilä, Sweden
Kareem Rizk, Australia
Edvard Derkert, Sweden
Maria Bajt, Sweden
Woefoep, Netherlands
Randy Mora, Columbia
Vesna Pesic, Serbia
Liz Cohn, USA
Kate Stehr, Australia
Gamze Özer, Turkey
Fred Free, USA

i won't be able to make it to the exhibit, but i wish i could
as i'm honored to be showing with all these talented artists.
many thanks and praise goes to derkert for assembling so
much collage goodness under one roof. you the man, ed!
cowboy and cones
more pix here:…

been gone.
enjoying summer.
how about you?

got a bunch of photos from people for this project:…
look forward to repositioning them.

see you in the future.
cowboy and the book
i put together my first book over at blurb [the self publishing site].

cowboy and the book
it's 33 of my favorite collages from the last 3 years re-presented in 8x8 book form.

cowboy and the book
contrary to the title, it is not free and costs $15. [as close as i could get to free.]

you'll find it here: free work #63775

even if you're not interested in buying it, i recommend blurb.
it was very easy and reasonable and i'm happy with results.

thanks for looking,
a little bit excited

a few hours to go and random-cowboy is bouncing off the walls filled with glee. and cookies. and chocolate. i'm about to be filled with beer. hope you have some fun as well. ho ho ho.

car leaners

i have a few pieces in the fall issue of vain magazine. woefoep and evahan also have work in there. which is a very cool thing. in the 60s my family used to go into the woods of new jersey and lean on cars. also a cool thing. take care. ff.

random-cowboy scored 3-1/2 pounds of candy spooking the neighborhood as john mccain. it was like night of the living dead out there my friends.
a) random-cowboy started third grade a few days ago. he thinks he's a big kid now. he thinks that means he should get a wii. i think he needs to get a job.

b) in first grade my class painted a big mural which included a big sky with big clouds. i painted a cloud blue and was laughed at by the other kids. i'm thinking it was my first critique.

c) i currently have three pieces in the old school exhibit at the uppercase gallery in calgary which runs through the end of september. stop by if you're in the neighborhood.…

thanks for reading,
my father died peacefully in his sleep early saturday morning. he had been in a lot of pain for over a year from a fall he took last summer so i feel a little relieved for his sake. but i also feel a little numb. and lost. he's always been there for me. for my wife and son too. it's going to be strange. is strange.

hope everyone else is doing better. i'm looking forward to being distracted by your art. soon.

take care people.

elvisdad has left the building.